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51st Annual EWA Membership Meeting

EWA Conference Details! 

The 51st annual EWA membership meeting is rapidly approaching. Be sure to register for the early bird registration and hotel special. Don’t miss out on a fun filled weekend. We kick off the event beginning Thursday night with our vendor appreciation dinner hosted by Lonehollow Whitetails and Lonesome Boar Adventures. Don’t miss the information packed seminars Friday afternoon and Casino night that evening followed by a great animal video auction on Saturday afternoon and our grand auction on Saturday night. This year we will have a masseuse and a nail technician on site throughout the weekend for your comfort and enjoyment.
Ballots, for the election of directors, have been mailed out and you should be receiving them in the next few days. Remember to vote for your choice of those individuals that will lead this organization for the next three years. You will also find in your packet an animal mortality survey that we are asking each of our members to fill out. This is a survey to determine the number of animals lost as well as the economic loss due to the extreme weather we experienced over the last couple of months. This survey is anonymous and the results will be sent out in the next EWA magazine.
If you find it impossible to join us at this membership meeting and wish to bid on line be sure and register with DV auctions (402-316-5460) for your bidder number not only for the great video animal auction but for the great fundraiser Saturday night. As always contact the EWA office by phone or email for more details or to consign or donate to our two great auctions.

All animal consignments need to be into the EWA office by February 12th. The following are just a few of the animal lots and species consigned for the video auction thus far:

  • 1.1 Red Lechwe
  • 2.6 Wildebeest
  • 1.1 Nile Lechwe
  • 3.0 Fallow
  • 2.1 Nubian Ibex
  • 2.5 Gemsbok
  • 1.4 Kudu
  • 2.0 Nyala
  • 1.1 Crowned Cranes
  • 3.1 Addax
  • 2.4 Sable
  • 1.1 Hog Deer
  • 2.4 Chapman’s Zebra
  • 1.0 Scimitar Horned Oryx
  • 1.0 Barasingha
  • 1.0 Arabian Oryx
  • 1.1 Blesbok
  • 1.1 Dama Gazelle
  • 2.2 Impala
  • 1.1 Springbok
  • 1.0 Bongo

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